How can I help?

CodeCraft is an open source project and everyone is encouraged to get involved!

Spread the word

Tell all your friends about CodeCraft. Follow @CodeCraftGame on Twitter for updates. Star the main code repository and the tutorial on GitHub.

Bugreports and feedback

Your feedback is essential for the continued development. If you find any bugs, let me know so that I can fix them. I also want to hear about anything else you like or dislike about the game mechanics, API, tutorial, website or any other aspect of CodeCraft. You can do all of this on Gitter cswinter/CodeCraftGame, or by emailing me directly at

Write code

The codebase for CodeCraft is on GitHub and any contributions are much appreciated. If you want to contribute but are unsure what to work on, let me know and I will do a write up of current issues and planned features.